Tread the Boards Theatre Company presents


based on the novella by Mary Shelley


14 Oct to 31 Oct

£15 (£12 conc)

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Lighting Design: Kat Murray

Sound Design: Elliott Wallis

Set Design: Zoe Rolph

Producer: Catherine Prout


Other cast to be announced...


Denise & Kevin Prout, James Morrison

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Mary Shelley is the godmother of modern horror and Tread the Boards brings it's stunning and spinetingling adaptation of her monumental classic Frankenstein vividly to life. This Victoriana tale of nature verses nurture captures the relationship between Doctor Frankenstein, his passion for science and the 'Monster' he creates. Underneath the terrifying exterior of this thrilling play there is a touching and heart-felt, comment on the human condition and questions who really is the dark sole in this story. 
*This performance has elements of 'scare' acting and is not recommended for those with heart conditions, a nervous disposition or expectant mothers.

COVID19 precautions: Our seating capacity has been reduced and is unallocated for the present, in order to allow space between groups when seated. We would appreciate it if you wore a mask when moving around the building but masks are not required while seated in the theatre.

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John-Robert Partridge - Director

As Artistic Director of Tread the Boards John-Robert relishes the seasons opening with a Shakespeare and Macbeth is no different. With ambition, passion, witchcraft and blood-thirsty battles John-Robert hopes audiences enjoy this fast-paced and fascinating play.

Directing Credits with TTB include: Macbeth, Richard III, King Lear, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein

Acting Credits with TTB include: MacDuff in Macbeth, Richard III in Richard III, Henry V in Henry V, Branwell in Bronte, Toad in The Wind in the Willows, The Sherriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood, Dame Dotty in Beauty and the Beast, 

Additional Acting Credits: Evil Queen in Snow White (Worcester Rep), Earnest in The Importance of Being Earnest (Worcester Rep), Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles (Worcester Rep)  

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